Hi everyone, Hi Anthony…

This blog post is in response to customer feedback on our Amazon UK listing for the Wearable Zelter Shelter in Mystery Green –

We used to have the ability to reply to the reviewers directly, but that seems to have disappeared unfortunately!  We’re going to post here to help out.

The Customer’s 3 star review is for an older generation of the product (2017-2018) and I had satisfactory communications with him on the Amazon platform for all to read, but Amazon somehow chose to delete the comments and the Official Manufacturer’s Response that I had posted.  Really not helpful.

The product you would buy today is a new generation product that fixes the issues highlighted by The Customer in his review.  His photos are thus showing an old version of the product with different construction – so that’s important for you to know!

I’d like to thank any customer who leaves a review.  We take everyone’s feedback on board and what we learn helps to make Zelter better.  We have recently been able to prototype and test an updated version of the Wearable Zelter Shelter – available here on Amazon after September 2020 – featuring some awesome design enhancements that address some of the points raised in this certain review.

Recently, however, Amazon deleted the feature where one could comment and respond to reviews on product listings.  We had a comprehensive and positive response to this Customer’s case, but now that whole story is lost and what remains is less than ideal and sends the wrong impression – especially because that product in the photos is from an old generation, not the same as the improved design that launched on Amazon in Fall 2020.

An official manufacturer’s response had been published, but these have all been deleted by Amazon in December 2020, so it looks like this fellow’s criticism was ignored and there was no solution to his issue, but that’s not the case.   With no way to replying to critical reviews or cases where people have questions anymore on Amazon, I’m posting here instead.  I hope the information finds you well.

All Zelter Shelters sold after October 2020 have subtle but highly effective design upgrades which improve strength, weatherproofing, and your comfort.


NEW rain flaps covering key zips (door and hood) to deflect falling water and keep you and your gear dry


REINFORCED tie-down points with welded panels to seal them – and you – from the elements


more space at the narrow end of the shelter, with more leg room and increased capacity for your kit

Zelter is a versatile lightweight shelter solution for people outdoors and on the go. These upgrades add an extra level of excellence to make a great product even better. We want you to have the best experience in your Zelter Shelter and we put the work in to make that happen.

Dear Customer, we hope these design improvements reassure you that we’re always working to make Zelter Shelter better.  We’d love if you’d consider editing the title of your review to reflect our response and the fact that the product now for sale is essentially a different product with improvements you’d appreciate.

We’ve got loads of great photos of the upgraded Zelter Shelter below and loads of other great content in our Social Media and this blog here at – we’re confident you’ll like what you see.

Thanks for your support guys – Have a great day (and night) out there

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