Zelter Shelter Tarp Mode / Video Instructions

Zelter Shelter Tarp Mode

Watch Here:

Video instructions on how to set up your Zelter Shelter in Tarp Mode to quickly cover a hammock (or other purpose).

Tarp function works with all current Zelter Shelter models (both Wearable and Tent/Tarp).  This is a fast and easy setup that we think you’ll like.  Knowing how to make the most of your Zelter gear will give you the best results and we all like to have options, right?

Here at Zelter we’re creating functional gear for outdoor enjoyment, people on the move, adventure and personal safety.  Zelter gear is useful, durable and effective, portable and fit for extreme situations.

Zelter Shelter is a new concept in personal shelter for the outdoors. Combining Tent, Tarp and even Wearable functions in one easy-to-carry bundle.

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