Zelter Shelter Review on SurviveUK Blog

Pleased to read the latest review of a Zelter Shelter by Gavin at SurviveUK!

They took theirs out over many sessions and gave a very in-depth test including fully immersing the drybag and it performed perfectly.

“If you are looking for a shelter that you can set up quickly and also have the ability to use it as a poncho while you are out and about then this is a great addition to your kit . I mean if you are specifically looking for such a device then you are a madman because you wont find the market abundant with this sort of device but that’s whats great about it. Its unique and well designed by a man that saw a gap in the market and has filled it perfectly. Its very functional and quite affordable, so do yourself a favour and give it a try.”

Have a read and give them some time – they’ve been there, done that and they’re posting great material.

Thanks to Gavin for taking the time to do an excellent review of the Zelter Shelter – I’m glad it worked out well, but we had faith.




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