Video Instructions / Tent Mode



We have a Vimeo channel now for how-to videos and other Zelter video content.  If you have a Zelter product or want to know more, stay tuned!  There is more content coming as we speak.

The first video in our series demonstrates setting up the wearable Zelter Shelter in Tent Mode, shows some of the features and and also how to roll it up and put it away for storage in the included drybag.

Video offers so much more than photos and drawings, so enjoy.  If you follow our Instagram feed and wondered how this thing in all the photos works, you’ve come to the right place.

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I chose to show the process in real time to show people how it really works.  We don’t need to speed things up in an attempt to blow peoples’ minds or anything.  The Zelter Shelter does what it says on the, er, bag!

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Thanks for following Zelter as we launch new products and grow.  We’ll be back with more.



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