ZELTER x DropForgedSurvival: 30 Second Emergency Shelter Survival Kit

How would you use the Zelter Shelter in your own Survival Set up?

The legends over at Drop Forged Survival have  released a great video on their YouTube channel featuring the Zelter Shelter and its handy drybag as the basis for a comprehensive survival kit.

The bag has room for so much more than just the Zelter Shelter, and they get it!  They sele3cted some great pieces and stuffed the Zelter drybag with a load of great gear to keep you covered.

Have a look – give ’em a thumbs-up and let me know what you think!

It’s an honour that big YouTubers like these guys are taking notice, using the product and loving it.  We set out to make something different, something great and people are finding it!

Nothing is as versatile, fast and easy to use, or as well made as a Zelter Shelter.

You can get started with a Zelter Shelter of your own at

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