@offthegridguide packing a Zelter


The good guys over at @offthegridguide picked up a Zelter Shelter and gave it a try over in North Carolina. We’ll be keeping in touch with them to see how they get on with it. There will be some reviews and videos and new content coming soon.

These guys have a great thing going with Outdoor, Bushcraft, Survival, Emergency and Prepping guides. What a great resource and a huge following with over 100K followers – We’re happy to be part of the loadout!

Also don’t forget to check out their awesome survival bracelets/straps, patches and the super-cool Survival Hanks… They have a lot of sets to check out and something for every scenario… A touch handkerchief that opend up to be a faraday cage to protect your electronics? One to act as a hot mitt? One with a freaking KEVLAR SAW and fire starting kit? Daaaamn.


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